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PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:06 am 
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Hi again, all -

Here I am again scrounging for info from the experts. Our son's laptop recently died due to a corrupted and near-full 40GB hard drive. I brought the machine back to life with a new 160GB HD, and threw in 2GB of RAM while I was at it. With the Win7 RC installed, it runs great and he loves it.

But he had a lot of files on the old HD that he'd like to recover. Before I take the drive to our local tech shop and throw a big chunk of money at it, I'd rather try it myself first by sticking the old drive in an external enclosure. If it's only the boot files that are bad and the drive is still accessible, my idea is to port his files across (iTunes library, documents, etc.) via USB, and then reformat the drive and use it for file transfers, etc.

So I've been digging around on NewEgg looking for suitable external enclosures, but none of the ones they list seem to have the proper ATA-6 internal connection. They're either SATA or IDE. Am I missing something obvious?

If it's any help, the machine in question is one of <a href=",2817,2007089,00.asp" target="_blank">these</a>.

Thanks as always,



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PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:14 am 
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<! :#FF8C00--> "color:#FF8C00"><!--/ >ATA-6 is IDE.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<! :#00FF00--> "color:#00FF00"><!--/ >"Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) is an interface for internal computer storage components. ATA-6 is a specification within the ATA family that denotes a particular type of ATA with corresponding data transfer speeds. The conventional ATA cable is recognizable as a very wide, flat cable with 40 or 80 wires running parallel in a ribboned sheath. Connectors have 40-pins that attach to a device such as a hard disk drive or CD-ROM. The opposite end of the cable attaches to an Enhanced Integrated Device Electronics (EIDE) interface on the motherboard or host card."<!--colorc--> <!--/colorc-->
<!--colorc--> <!--/colorc-->

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