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PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2008 11:44 am 
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<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Shorah! The <a href="" target="_blank">MORE roadmap</a> recently announced by Cyan includes the following:

+ The Guild of Maintainers (in conjunction with Guild of Writers) will act as an agent in approving fan created content creation for MORE.
+ Create methods and processes for testing fan created MORE content. How this will work has not been determined but is crucial for fan created content. Then a process will be created to bring Guild of Maintainers final approved and tested content forward to main server for all users to enjoy. (Clarification added by Chogon: the final approval is by both Cyan and the Guild of Maintainers).

In the light of this, the Guildmasters of the Guild of Maintainers (GoMa) and Guild Counselors of the Guild of Writers (GoW) would like to present to the Uru community an initial draft proposal on the addition of User Created Content (UCC) to the world of Uru.

Working together with Cyan over the last few weeks, the GoMa and GoW leadership teams have developed and agreed an outline for the submission and approval process for UCC and the associated Fan Created Art (FCA) Licenses. This discussion was in private at Cyan's request, and focused on UCC material intended for Uru: Complete Chronicles.

However, we would like to suggest using this first draft of the FCA process for Uru:CC as a starting point for developing the FCA process for MORE. As the roadmap states, rules need to be defined, built on and discussed among the GoW, GoMa and Cyan before anything is finally implemented. However, Cyan intends the approval process to be mostly handled within the guilds, with the final steps being reserved for Cyan.

Note that certain parts of this proposed process cannot be changed, as Cyan has asked for them specifically.


Cyan Worlds have published on their website <a href="" target="_blank">Guidelines for Cyan & Cyan Worlds Asset Usage</a>. The relevant section is that on Fan Created Content and Third Party Work (called Fan Created Art, or FCA, below) that is shared with other fans at no cost. This applies to all Cyan's and Cyan Worlds' assets, and will remain in place.

This proposal is for the Guild of Maintainers (GoMa) with the Guild of Writers (GoW) to act as agents for Cyan Worlds as far as FCA licenses associated with Uru: Complete Chronicles (Uru:CC) are concerned. The Fan Created Art covered by the proposal includes all material delivered via the Uru Library Manager (ULM) within the game itself, such as Ages, Ahra Pahts shells, collectables, or elements of the same such as textures, sounds, objects, animations, journals (including fan fiction delivered in-game), etc.

It does NOT include FCA associated with other Cyan games or delivered outside the game via website or other means -- for this material, individuals should continue to contact

Also, MORE itself will require a stricter view of approval. GoW and GoMa may possibly lend guidance to this process but the final decision would be Cyan's.

Anyone wishing to create a ULM-delivered Age or other item needs to apply for and obtain an FCA license before their work is placed on the ULM for sharing publicly. They understand that the FCA license is a binding agreement between them and Cyan Worlds, and that they must meet its requirements.

They also understand that GoMa and GoW are the guilds that will regulate this function on Cyan's behalf. Violations of the FCA license will ultimately be brought to the attention of Cyan, and Cyan will determine the final course of action.

Once approved, the FCA license applies to all versions of an Age or body of work.

Revoking an FCA license must be an action taken by Cyan, but can be requested by the FCA panel. However, an FCA license can be denied by the FCA panel.

FCA applicants can reapply for an FCA license if they have changed the criteria that caused the denial of the FCA license in the first place.

In this instance, FCA includes any content that would be added to Uru:CC, including Ages, collectables, or elements of the same such as textures, sounds, objects, animations, journals, etc. It may be expanded in future to include material for MORE.

FCA panel

GoMa and GoW will jointly set up a panel of guild members that will serve as the contact point for the FCA process. Panel members will be chosen by the guilds' leadership teams, and will serve initially for a term of a few months. The FCA panel's work falls within the remit of the GoMa Submissions department, under the leadership of its Guildmaster.

All panel members should consider themselves under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with regard to any FCA application. The contents of any FCA application are confidential until/unless the applicant reveals the information themselves.

If a panel member applies for an FCA license, they will need to stand down from the panel while their application is processed.

Outline of the FCA process

1. FCA candidates will submit a proposal to the FCA panel either through a web interface or through the Uru Library Manager (ULM). The candidate will provide enough details of the age and storyline to help the approval process. The FCA candidate must agree to the FCA terms (such as by clicking on an "I agree" button).

2. Using guidelines provided by Cyan, the FCA panel, working within the remit of the GoMa Submissions Department under the leadership of its Guildmaster, will review the applications and make sure that nothing in the application conflicts with other Ages, or Cyan and Fan storylines, etc., and will approve or deny FCA requests.

3. The FCA panel will send approved applications with the agreed terms to Cyan (either immediately or in batch) for Cyan to keep on record (since the agreement is between Cyan and the FCA candidate).

4. The FCA panel will provide monitoring to ensure FCA candidates keep to the terms of the FCA license. Should there be any violations, they will be brought to the attention of Cyan, and Cyan will determine the course of action.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 5:40 am 
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Szark, just so you know it: the forum admins have installed a news bot and he automatically posts news, so now this message has been double posted. Just so you know you don't really have to post news from GoMe anymore ;)

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 11:57 am 
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Yeah Cheers Bert I noticed that But I did post it first but yes I shall not bother in the future, buts thanks for pointing it out to me.

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